I have been an instructor at UCSD, the Keck Science Department at the Claremont Colleges, the University of San Diego and San Diego Mesa College. I taught the following courses:

  • Genomes and Evolution (introductory lecture; University of San Diego)
  • Bioenergetics and Systems (introductory lab; University of San Diego)
  • Introductory Biology: Evolution and Ecology (lecture and lab; Claremont)
  • Introductory Biology: Cell and Molecular Biology (lab; Claremont)
  • Conservation Ecology and Management (lecture and lab for non-majors; Claremont)
  • Introduction to Ecology: Organisms and Habitats (upper division lecture; UCSD)
  • Introductory Biology (lab; Mesa College)

In my final year of my PhD, I served as a Graduate Teaching Mentor. I was a resource for all new teaching assistants in biology courses and helped with classes in which TAs learned about methods to make more their classrooms more equitable, inclusive and effective learning environments.

I have also been a teaching assistant for the following courses:

  • Biostatistics (UCSD)
  • Ecology Lab (UCSD)
  • Introduction to Ecology: Organisms and Habitats (UCSD)

Here is a link to a video demonstrating some of the teaching techniques that I often use. While the class in the video is not very large (36 students), I have used these methods with smaller classes and classes as large as 70 students, and I believe they can be adapted to even larger classes. (Apologies that some of the students’ voices in this video are a bit quiet!)